Polish Children's Fund - about us (ENGLISH)

Polish Children's Fund

The Polish Children's Fund (Krajowy Fundusz na rzecz Dzieci) is an independent, not-for-profit NGO established in 1981. It's an association of scientists, artists, physicians and students. Its major goal is to help exceptionally gifted pupils and students develop their academic interests and artistic talents, and to adjust the educational system in Poland to accommodate the special needs of the highly gifted.

The Fund's projects are based on co-operation with numerous universities, research institutes and cultural institutions, and many individual academics willing to offer their time and experience to work with exceptionally talented children.

Each participant of the programme is given the opportunity to attend numerous workshops, seminars and meetings, and to consult the best specialists. The Fund also regularly organizes concerts of young virtuosos and exhibitions of the works of those with a talent in the fine arts. Every year, the association invites gifted teenagers to take part in 18-20 scientific workshops, 9-10 seminars in the field of the humanities, 1 workshop devoted to the fine arts and 1 devoted to music, 2 general multidisciplinary meetings, 3 multidisciplinary scientific camps, over 20 public concerts, and 3-4 exhibitions. There is also a lot of individual assistance offered to participants, basing on their specific needs and ideas, such as numerous grants for research projects and research internships in the best labs in Poland.

Since 1983, 13 175 nominations to the Fund’s educational enrichment and support programme have been granted to outstanding pupils and students from all over the country (in the school year 2014/2015 there were 529 such nominees). These young people come from all social backgrounds, including a vast number from small towns and villages.

The strategic partner of the Polish Children's Fund is the PZU Group, one of the oldest and largest insurance groups in Poland and one of the best recognized brands in the country.

The Polish Children's Fund is also the National Organizer of the European Union Contest for Young Scientists. Since 1995 Young Scientists from Poland have won 22 main prizes and 22 special or honorary prizes in the EUCYS.

more: www.fundusz.org/english